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//European Art Museum – Danimarca

Barbara Bertoncelli. Born in 1972. I live in San Cesario a small town near Modena. From my childhood I liked to screen the world through my lens, I took pictures of clouds and their changes in the sky. Today I am a psychiatrist, interested in the human being and in its several aspects, inside and outward, and I like looking at them with enchantment and disenchantment from different points of view. I’ve been taking pictures with passion, discovering reality through my eyes. I like taking pictures of people and things in their real and spontaneous moments, in order to take their soul’s essences. The human nature, the face’s mimicry expression and the body’s movement expression are what I prefer to tell through my photografic observation.

“I had the privilege to examine her photographies, so inappropriately defined this way, since they are Signature’s works of art, and I have been moved by this great ability of hers to catch the most significant moment of the photographer.

And I have been surprised that, despite being so young, Barbara Bertoncelli has genious intuitions, that normally, besides few exceptions like Mozart or John Keats, belongs to grown up people that received spiritual messages from reality, that had experiences or traumas that refined their sensibility, enhancing their ability to feel, therefore their abilty to comunicate their poetic abstractions to
Lucia Bonacini

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“Mystic Sentiment” – 60×40 cm

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